Genset Service Checklist


The Generator Set Service Checklist includes:

  • Visual Inspection of Unit
    A thorough 30 point visual inspection of the unit and the surrounding area will be conducted to ensure the cleanliness of the unit, code compliance, and to detect for any potential problem areas.
  • Check Air Cooling Ducts
    For air cooled units only.  All cooling paths for engine/generator and enclosure will be checked for obstructions.
  • Overall Check of Safety Guards and Safety Related Sub-Systems
    All safety guards will be checked for looseness and security
  • Lubricating Oil
    The level and condition of the lubricating oil will be checked.  If required, oil will be added to bring the level to the full mark.
    Once annually, the oil and filter will be replaced using Generac approved parts.
  • Check Tightness of all Exhaust Fittings
    All exhaust fittings will be checked to ensure tightness and to present exhaust leaks.
  • Visual Inspection of Natural Gas or Propane Plumbing
    A visual check of the gas plumbing will be performed from the gas supply to the generator set to ensure use of all proper fittings and to prevent problems due to corrosion, vibration or high temperatures.
  • Leak Detection of Natural Gas or Propane Plumbing
    A leak detection test will be performed from the gas supply to the generator set using an electronic leak detector.  This check will be made to ensure all gas fittings are sealed.
  • Check Condition and Operation of All Gauges/Indicators
  • Check Starting Battery Condition
    An inspection to the battery and charging circuit will be made to ensure correct charging voltage, standby voltage, and electrolyte level (unsealed batteries only).
  • Check Tightness/Cleanliness of Battery Electrical Fittings
    The battery connections will be checked for tightness.  Any corrosion will be removed for good electrical start.
  • Spark Plug Inspection and Service
    Spark plugs will be inspected to ensure correct gap, cleanliness, and to diagnose combustion issues before they become problematic.
  • Air Filter Inspection
    Air filter will be inspected to ensure cleanliness and changed as per Generac’s maintenance recommendations.
  • Check Cold Starting Behaviour
    The cold starting behaviour will be checked at the late fall/early winter inspection.
  • Conduct a Load Transfer
    A load transfer will be conducted to ensure proper operation of the transfer switch and the system as a whole.